2017 Landscape Trends

Have you ever really considered garden and landscape trends? It typically seems that gardens are such a slow, continuous work, that trends will escape it. While the trends and styles of landscaping won’t be changing as swiftly as that of rugs or clothing, make no mistake; landscape trends change and evolve. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to think back on the use of ivy not only as a ground cover, but climbing the outside walls of the home. It is now very rare to see that in a home’s landscape.

Designers from all around the country are noting some exciting new trends coming our way this year. Some of these trends are big changes, some are subtle. Think they will stick? We will let you be the judge of that! As we looked through the different up and coming trends of 2017, we decided to showcase our favorites - the ones we see sticking around and becoming classics.



Following a long stride of minimalistic, geometric dominance in landscape and decor, there has been a re-interest in the natural, less manufactured look. Many clients are now looking for  "softening" modern with billowy plants, adding authenticity with DIY projects, or "warming" up clean lines with natural wood. Landscape ties. Repurposed pallets. Swing seating. All of these are making their way into your landscape. Homeowners are wanting to stick to authentic and real. The desire for manufactured has just dwindled down. Instead of concrete, there’s a heightened demand for wood and stone.



“Home-grown.” “Locally Sourced.” These are phrases that catch people’s attention no matter what they’re shopping for, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent in gardening, as well. Native plants are extremely popular. Not only that, but specific natives that will sustain certain ecosystems (endemic plants). This isn’t necessarily a ‘new’ fad, but what is new about it is that now the climate is driving the design of gardens and landscape. Living in an unpredictable climate brings the demand for plants that can withstand the changes in weather.



For years it has been expected that the overall feel of a garden would be consistent. All modern. All English-inspired. All contemporary. All traditional. The hard lines of this rule are now being blurred. Blurring of the lines originated in fashion and design and has moved into architecture. Now it is making it’s way into the garden. You can mix and match styles as much as you want as long as you combine them in an intriguing way. You don’t want to make hard lines between the styles, but more of a flowing together.



When I was growing up our backyard consisted of a play set (with a slide, two swings, and a swinging seesaw) and a sand box. The backyard was a place for children to play. Inside the home and on the front porch was where the entertaining would happen. This has been undergoing a steady change over the last few years. No longer is the backyard mainly reserved for children to climb, swing, or dig. Now designers are getting requests to forego any place that they need to tend to, but instead, install a haven where they can enjoy a staycation, play, or relax. Designs including bocce courts, pet spaces, outdoor kitchens (see below), fireplaces, hammocks, etc have become extremely popular. One landscaper had a request for a place where children can dig in the dirt, but also incorporate plants, rocks, and landscape ties.



With more and more homeowners wanting to entertain outdoors, or simply enjoy their outdoor living space after the sun has set, there has been a huge rise in popularity for lighting intermixed within landscape plans. This is now a big priority for consumers. A widely recognized professional Social Media site, Houzz.com,  surveyed 4,500 users. Of those, 7 in 10 are illuminating their hardscaping. A majority of those are making a more economically savvy choice and switching to LED lighting (58%) or solar-powered lights (56%).



When you think of the quintessential American home you probably think 2-story house, white picket fence, perfectly kept grass in the front lawn. In the recent past, this has been quite difficult to achieve. Unpredictable climates have made it hard to get your lawn to look as good as imagined. However, there are some lawn-like alternatives that have been a huge success. Things like grass mixes that don’t need to be mowed, or tall prairie grass mixes are making a beautiful lawn easier to maintain. Now, turf can feel and look nearly identical to natural, real grass, or repurpose of of the lawn as additional garden space - adding native plants that are adept to your changing climate and environment.



Summer barbeques are not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination. However, many homeowners are looking to expand this idea into an entire outdoor entertainment area. Every year people have been adding grilling spaces, other counter-top cooking spaces, and appliances. Now, many of the homes you go to will have a smoker(s) or pizza oven. There has been an increased demand for outdoor refrigerators, sinks, ice machines, beer taps, and outdoor heaters, etc. Not only that, but also the desire to include home theaters outside with movie projectors and Wi-Fi accessibility.

What do you think? Will any of these stick for the long haul? Ideas of other upcoming trends you’ve noticed or would like to see? Comment below!


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