October To-Do List

As we start heading towards winter, it is important to keep our lawns and gardens ready for the changes. The experts at Green View have developed the following to help guide your October to-do lists.


  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs

  • An ideal time to move or plant trees and shrubs

  • Update porch pots with fall annuals

  • Clean up fallen leaves to avoid diseases

  • Cut back perennials after blooms have stopped and the plant has died off

  • Add mulch where needed to insulate roots

  • Move tender plants (ie. tropical houseplants) inside - check for pests!

  • Cut back watering/feeding of houseplants

  • Divide spring-flowering perennials


  • Apply lawn fertilizer

  • Continue any desired core aeration and seeding

  • Winterize irrigation systems

  • Start lowering the deck on mowers to mow lawns slightly shorter


  •  Clean and sharpen garden tools

    Tip: Clean shovels easier by inserting them into a bucket of sand; then spray with WD-40 to help with rust.

  • Clean bird feeders

  • Create compost bins for plant debris clean up

Call us if you have questions!