Warranty Policy

1-Year Plant Warranty

We demand the best from our products and so should you. However, sometimes our products don’t live up to our high standards. Because of that, our trees, shrubs, and perennials come with a 1-year guarantee from the date of purchase.


 Green View’s 1-year Warranty Covers:

  • Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials that were planted & maintained according to proper plant standards and there were no calamities or acts of God that affected the health of the plant.

  • If your plant dies within the warranty period just bring back the entire plant with your sales receipt.  Cancelled checks or credit card statements are not acceptable.

  • Together we can try and determine why the plant died and so that your next planting will be successful.  We will be happy to give you store credit equal to the amount of purchase price towards a new plant or store credit.


Green View’s 1-year Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Plants purchased on clearance or special buy.  Clearance is classified as items at 50% or more off of the original price.

  • Plants damaged by weather, driver or vehicle, incurable disease or vandalism.

  • Plants that have already been replaced or purchased with a store credit

  • Annuals, Vegetables, Bulbs, Topicals, Hybrid Tea Roses, & Butterfly Bush are not warrantied.

  • Labor for planting or delivery fees are excluded.

  • Change in home ownership does not transfer the warranty

  • We do not give cash back.


Ask us how to protect your plants. We want to work with you to be successful.


MYKE® 5-Year Warranty Program     


MYKE® Tree and Shrub warranty (hereinafter referred to as “MYKE® warranty”) is aimed at indemnifying customers for the loss of a tree or shrub in the event of the death of such tree or shrub, subject to the terms and conditions set forth therein. For the MYKE® warranty to apply, the customer must have used the MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB product and have followed the recommendations indicated in the MYKE® Planting Guide. For the purpose of the MYKE® warranty, the term “customer” shall mean individual, excluding employees and agents acting for municipalities and cities.

  1. The tree or shrub must have been planted in accordance with the planting instructions described in the MYKE® Planting Guide and in accordance with proper generally recognized horticultural usage. Notably, but not exhaustively, the customer must have respected growth requirements for trees and shrubs such as drainage, winter protection and adequate watering and must have respected the particularities of the climate zone where the tree or shrub was planted.

  2. In order for the MYKE® warranty to apply, the customer shall remit to the merchant the dead tree or shrub. The customer shall also provide the original proof of purchase of the tree or shrub as well as the MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB product. Both purchased items must appear on the same sales slip or receipt.

  3. The indemnity provided for herein is not cashable and is limited, at merchant’s discretion, to: (1) replacement of the tree or shrub with same type of tree or shrub, one time only; or (2) a credit applicable on an equivalent purchase, for an amount equal to the price of the tree or shrub (excluding any other costs), up to a maximum amount of two hundred dollars ($200) per tree or shrub.

  4. MYKE® warranty only applies to trees or shrubs covered by the merchant’s regular warranty, all subjected to the exclusions set forth in MYKE® warranty program.

  5. MYKE® warranty doesn’t replace merchant’s regular warranty which shall apply exclusively during the first year following the purchase of the tree or shrub. Upon expiration of merchant’s regular warranty, MYKE® warranty will apply and will be in force for a period of four (4) years, but the MYKE® warranty will expire at the latest on the fifth (5th) anniversary of the purchase of the tree or shrub. The merchant is responsible for the application of this warranty.

  6. This warranty does not apply to annuals, bulbs, perennials, bare-root trees, aquatic and tropical plants, azaleas, blueberry trees and rhododendrons. Moreover, the merchant reserves the right to not include other trees or shrubs species they consider too difficult to be covered by the warranty. This warranty does not apply if the death of the tree or shrub is attributable to an incurable disease.

  7. This warranty does not apply to damages caused by natural disasters or extreme weather conditions.

  8. This warranty does not apply when damages to the tree or shrub were caused by the act of a person, animal or insects, or by wrongdoing, vandalism, negligence or otherwise.


  • Original sales receipt must be presented for all returns.

  • All merchandise must be returned in original packaging or container, and must be returned within 14-days from the original purchase date, or 30-days from original purchase date if purchased using a valid Garden Rewards membership at the time of purchase.

  • For all Garden Rewards returns, original purchases must have been made with a valid Garden Rewards membership, stated on original purchase receipt, to qualify for a 30-day return policy.

  • Any Garden Rewards points earned by original purchase will be deducted from membership account as the result of a return.

  • Clearance items, special/custom orders, furniture, and seasonal giftware are non-refundable and cannot be returned.

  • All sales of services are non-refundable; including, but not limited to, delivery, setup, or planting services.

  • A 30% restocking fee will be assessed on returns of: large fountains or statuary, pallets of natural stone products, and pallets of in-stock pavers or wall stone.

  • Green View reserves the right to deny any return of product if the product is not deemed to be in a resellable condition.

  • Cash refunds are given up to $20. If over $20, in-store credit will be issued or a check will be mailed within 14 days. Debit cards are considered a cash sale. Returns for items paid by credit card will be credited to the original card only.


Return Policy

For Garden Reward customers: 30 days to return product for a full refund.

For non-Garden Reward customers: 7 days to return product for a full refund.