Getting the Most out of your Herbs

Do you love growing your own herbs, but can’t always keep up? Are you sick of buying expensive herbs at the grocery store only for them to go bad before you’ve had a chance to use them up? Freezing your fresh herbs is the perfect way to make them last longer! PLUS, a little prep work means less work later!


How to Freeze Fresh Herbs in EVOO


  1. Harvest or purchase fresh herbs
  2. Chop herbs, if desired (it’s ok to leave whole leaf/sprig if you prefer)
  3. Fill ice tray ⅔ full with herbs
  4. Add EVOO until herbs are covered
  5. Cover ice tray with plastic wrap
  6. Freeze overnight
  7. Remove oil/herb blocks from ice tray and store in Tupperware or freezer bags
  8. When ready to use, remove from storage and put in pan, crock pot, etc


*Each batch should last at least a couple of weeks!